Moving Companies In MA: Overnight Storage

If you are moving out of your existing home or office on one day, but can’t get into your new location until the next -  you will need overnight storage.  Moving companies with overnight storage in Massachusetts is very common for:

- Renters entering a new contract on the first of the month but need to be out by the 31st of the previous month
- Residents selling and existing house and using the funds to purchase a new home - commonly known as a bridge loan
- Students

There are various options for moving and overnight storage in MA - we will be considering hiring movers to hold your items over inside a truck overnight or offloading into a storage unit.

Overnight Storage in MA
Overnight Storage

Overnight Storage: Hiring Movers to Keep Items in the Truck

There are a few moving companies in MA who will hold your items in a truck overnight or for a few nights but you have to know that on top of a usual $100-$150 fee, you will also be charged the travel time to their facility and back the next day.  For this reason, it is best to hire Monster Movers as they have 7 convenient Massachusetts locations in MA so you won't be stuck with the travel time to a mover that is far away.  

Overnight Storage:  Offloading Your Items 

Many MA Moving and Storage companies will charge you to offload your items into storage if you will need on-board storage for longer than one night.  This can get costly as it is essentially two moves.  

Special Considerations for Overnight Storage 

You should be asking your moving companies with overnight storage a few pertinent questions before hiring:
1. Where will the items be stored - get the address
2.  Is the facility secure?
3.  How much travel time is charged?
4.  Will the truck be sealed?
5.  Will the same crew offload the shipment that loaded it?


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