There are many different resources you can use to find reputable moving companies in MA.   I suggest that you submit a quote request to a company directly.  Lead Generators like moving helper and 123 moves will give your information to an average of 10 movers who will call you at least two times per day - that is 20 calls!  You can weed out some of the movers right away by looking at their website and calling them on the phone.  That initial call will give you a good first impression of how the customer service is.  If you leave a message and don't get a call back for over 12 hours - I would choose another moving company in MA. 

Moving Companies in Massachusetts


These are really the most important questions to ask any moving company you consider hiring:

1. Are they licensed and insured - how long have they been in business.  If a mover hasn't been in business in MA for 5 years or more - move on - there are plenty that have and know the ins and outs of moving in MA.
2. Do they have gps truck tracking. Many mischarges happen because moving crews may get off track/lost/etc.  It is best to hire a moving company that tracks their moving fleet.
3. No Temporary Labor - Rogue moving companies are abundant in MA.  The last thing you want is a rogue mover who shows up with two guys that don't speak English that came from a temp agency.
4. Online Reviews - Regardless of their popularity, yelp actually has changed their business model and now makes companies pay to be a member.  When you are a member you can give yourself all the positive reviews you like. Google even has paid reviews. Make sure you filter to see the lowest reviews too that are usually hidden by the good ones. Move-Line has verified movers in every state.
5. Check all additional charges - does you MA mover have a ton of hidden charges like fuel surcharge, mileage, taxes, long haul, stairs, etc.  How many times have I heard a story about a mover charging more because a customer didn't tell them about the three stairs into the house.  Your best bet is to find movers in MA with no additional charges

If you are looking to compare movers in MA, we highly suggest MOVERS NEAR ME where you can put in your address and find real, independent moving companies with brick and mortar locations closest to you.



Of course moving rates are a huge consideration when hiring movers in MA so it is best to use a generalized moving calculator - one that doesn't come with a million sales calls so you can get a ballpark before you begin your search.

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